Monday, 16 September 2013

MKA get their teeth into the show

I have been in Melbourne for the last few days watching MKA at work, revamping The Alleyway Project into what is now called Side Effect. Director Kat Henry handed over the reigns to MKA's Tobias Manderson-Galvin who is fast making it his own. A lot of the changes must stay secret but I can disclose that there is now gold costumes and jelly wrestling.
The team at MKA are often found to be dancing, singing and riffing on strange jokes in the rehearsal room. It is hard not to be laughing at least once every 10 minutes. As a result, the performances have an energy and a cheekiness to them that are delightful to watch.
Oh yes... we are buying umbrellas for the audience too... Melbourne weather is unpredictable as ever. Let's just hope the hail holds off!

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Ok, I don't have overactive sweat glands or anything - but I have been figuratively sweating it out over the last few days waiting to get our reviews in!

Thanks to XS Entertainment who came along and also to Poise On Arrows blog author Bri Lee for attending and both writing such fabulous pieces on the project :)

Both have given us both such praise and also constructive criticism which we will definitely take back to the drawing board for our future planning (should we bring the project back again :) ).

Some of our favourite quotes are:

(Poise On Arrows)
If I needed just a handful of words to (a) describe this show, and (b) give you something to hook you in to reading the rest of this review, then I would probably use the following:
'vulgar' 'funny' 'alarming' 'dark' 'young' and 'chalk'. 

I think The Alleyway Project could be the pin-up-girl for the Anywhere Festival, really. These kids embodied what it's all about - the interplay between location and content
I really like swearing, and there was a lot of foul favourite thing about it was that it was so brutally accurate. I think you should be sad you missed it. 

Image by Lynette Letic

Overall, The Alleyway Project is a lot to chew on. The themes...are shockingly real and hard to swallow in an intimate setting. also a huge strength of the show and one that I hope audiences do not shy away from. 
The actors are to be commended for rising to this challenge, as are the writers and director for their courageous choices.

Thanks a bunch Bri and Michelle for your great reviews :) We couldn't be prouder of our team, our show but most importantly the festival that is Anywhere Theatre Festival for giving us this opportunity! 
ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT - don't miss the rest of this pop-up festival!
xo The Alley Cats
Meow! (Image by Lynette Letic)

King of the Creeps


We received all the photos from our wonderful Alleyway Project photographer Lynette Letic. This means not only did we get a heap of photos of our show, but also a veritable feast of audience faces and smiles :)

There are too many to share on this blog, so instead you can check out audience pics here (make sure you get tag happy!) and show pics here incase you missed it/want to relive the gorgeous and grotesque moments.

A couple choice images of ya'll are below :)

WAHOO you guys are seriously drop-dead gorgeous!

xo The Alley Cats

Monday, 14 May 2012


What a seriously great evening last night :) Our designer Jenny did such a wonderful job decking out the alleyway (a mixture of cosy meets back alleu bar meets charming lights and romance). Not to mention our cast and crew killed it like fresh-chicken for dinner

We were lucky to have such great audiences too! And honestly can't wait for this evening :)

Our last show of the season will, I guarantee, go off like Katy Perry's cream-spurting lady-parts in California Girls :) Doors open 630 - be warm and comfortable, have a drink one us and come to enjoy the show!

xo The Alley Cats

Sunday, 13 May 2012

tick tock

Ok, so I don't mean to go all Ke$ha on you (really.. I don't!) but TODAY IS THE DAY!!

I feel like it's our birthday, Christmas, wedding day and graduation all rolled into two days and three shows :D

Tonight and tomorrow night are seriously like dates for us....we're nervous, excited and.. well, we really hope you like us enough to stay the night ;) (mee-ow!)

Doors open at 6.30 - there will be FOOD and DRINK, and a bit of photographic fun for everyone so make sure you dress pretty and get there waaay before 7 so you can get a great seat.

EEP! Tonight and tonight and tonight <3

xo The Alley Cats

Thursday, 10 May 2012

: : END \\

That's it folks. Our extended season has sold out!

We are so excited to see you all on Monday and Tuesday night :) !!!

To those who missed out on tickets (or forgot to buy's ok, it's a busy time of year) don't sit at home staring at the idiot box! Make sure you take those spare dollar$ and catch some other Anywhere Theatre shows

See you NEXT WEEK creepy crawlers

xo The Alley Cats

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Little Creatures <(. _ .)>

We've had a few questions about what KIND of drinks will be available when our audience members stream through the gates of Winn Lane, pick up your ticket and demand alcohol.

WELLL here's a clue:

Ok, so we don't have pint sized beer, but we DO have some Little Creatures, courtesy of our sponsors..... Little Creatures (oh my gosh their website is so fun!).

Little Creatures and us alley cats thought it was only fitting we have a true-blue Aussie made beer (it's from Freeo in WA) repping as part of the show :)

OH we've also got some lovely wine (I use that term quite loosely...)

Just a heads up, our third show is half sold already :) we're so flattered!  Don't miss out on tickets yo.
(some are free so check out the newsletter if you haven't checked it already)

xo The Alley Cats